Leah Koransky Botanical Artwork

Leah Koransky Botanical Artwork
  • Leah Koransky Botanical Artwork
  • Leah Koransky Botanical Artwork
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About Leah Koransky 

Originally from New York, Leah is a Berkeley-based artist and designer whose work plays on traditional notions of landscape through the use of natural inks and abstract mark-making.


Artist’s statement 

This body of work features a selection of pieces from my 100-day project, in which I set out yo make a painting every day for 100 days. Using a different brush each day, I also crafted my own botanical inks—a highly variable process with many unknowns.

I set up very specific parameters to create discipline for the 100 days: I used roughly the same size and type of paper every day (4.5”x6” Windsor & Newton hot press 300 gsm cotton watercolor paper), worked in a very condensed time frame (between 10-40 minutes), and usually at the same time (after waking).

The resulting work encapsulates a moment in time, an exploration of materials, and an embrace of imperfection. Ina world filled with pressure to always make the perfect choice, it’s been freeing to embrace the unknown. I consider the work to be somewhere between making things happen, and letting things happen. I tried consciously to not let mistakes feel like mistakes, but instead portals to discovery.


About the inks

I first encountered natural ink-making at a West Coast Craft workshop in 2015 with Judi Pettite and Ogaard. The idea that one could look to their immediate surroundings for color was a turning point in how I approach my creative practice, and ignited a new level of curiosity about my relationship to place and art-making.

The colors are as follows:

Blue - Indigo
Black - Iron gall (Oak gall + iron)
Pinkish red - Avocado pits
Orangish red - Loquat leaves
Yellow - Oxalis flowers 

The inks will most likely fade over time, as they have no additives or preservatives. I see this impermanence as a part of the work.


About the 100 day project

the 100 day project is an open project that anyone can do by simply repeating one thing ever day for 100 days, recording it, and sharing it. Created in 2007 by graphic designer, educator, and author Michael Beirut as a graduate-level design workshop in Yale University’s Graphic Design MFA Program, it was intended to help students “ balance inspiration and discipline,” in Bierut’s words. There are now over 1 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject from around the globe.


Artwork on view at Morningtide October 5th–November 5th.

Sold pieces will be shipped after November 5th.



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