Coffee Manufactory- 00 Decaf, 12 oz.

Coffee Manufactory- 00 Decaf, 12 oz.
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Notes of fuji apple, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and coca-cola. Perfect for winter!

Our new 00 Decaf offering comes to us from Bordones Village, nestled in one of the most famous coffee producing regions in Colombia - Huila. Huila sits at altitudes upwards of 2000 masl and is framed by the Eastern and Central Andes Mountains. With an average year-round temperature of 65F, mineral rich volcanic soil, and soaring altitudes this region creates nearly ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

According to the Colombian Coffee Grower’s Federation (FNC), in 2017, Huila produced 2.6 million 60-kilo bags, which accounted for 18% of the country’s coffee. That’s a whole bunch of coffee! But, what is so special about Huila is not the volume of coffee they produce, but the exceptional quality. This region is well known for beaming acidity, complexity, and sweetness, and these qualities shine bright in our new Decaf offering. This coffee is comprised of 2 lots from neighboring producers, each owning between 6-8 hectares of land. Cherry is brought to a central washing station where the coffee is fully washed, fermented for 18-24 hours, and dried on raised parabolic beds. Once all the coffee has been processed it is then shipped to the Swiss Water Processing plant in Burnaby, Canada. Swiss Water Process uses water, temperature, and time to create clean and true-to-origin coffee that is 99.9% decaffeinated. So, leave your misconceptions about decaf coffee at the door because we can assure you, this process retains flavors and acidity we love so much in our new Decaf, Colombia Bordones!

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