Arcana - Balance. Potion 11


When everything irritates you and you need some emotional support, try this formula. BALANCE promotes free flow in a tense body caused by stress. It helps boost energy and remedy impaired digestive function due to psychoemotional tension. Perfect for alleviating symptoms associated with your moon cycle.

IngredientsAngelica*, Bupleurum*, Tree Peony, Poria*, Atractylodes*, Ashwagandha*, Lemon Balm*, Rhodiola*, Ziziphus*, Ginger*, Tree Peony, Gardenia Fruit, Licorice*, Field mint, (*organic)

Other ingredients: alcohol, distilled water

2 FL OZ / 60 ML

Suggested use: Drink 20 to 60 drops (1-3 full droppers) in 1/4 cup warm water 3-5 times daily.