Canyon Coffee - Alentejo — Regenerative Organic Certified

Our darkest roast, The Alentejo was developed as an ode to classic European-style espresso that had been crafted with intention over generations. Inspired by our travels, available year-round. About Alentejo Origin: Mexico Region: San Agustín Loxicha, indigenous Zapotec community in the state of Oaxaca Producer: UNECAFE S.C Process: Washed Certification: Organic, Regenerative Organic Certified We Taste: Caramel, milk chocolate, & orange peel Experience The cultivation of coffee in this area, and especially for Tierra Blanca, is an agricultural resource with great importance beyond agricultural business. In the region, coffee growing helps maintain a diverse ecosystem by providing a reservoir for rainwater, giving life to the local flora and fauna. The unique altitude and climate of the Mexican Pacific enhances the quality of the coffee grown in the region, furthering its delicious natural flavor and aroma. Coffees from this region are referred to as having a “Pluma” coffee profile.