Strawberry Chamomile Jam
Floral and honey-like, the smoothness of chamomile brings out the brightest notes in these fresh strawberries; This jam awakens your senses. Small batch and hand processed our strawberry jam is infused with chamomile and lemon creating a jam that is sweet, floral and bright. Spread generously and enjoy the sweet life.

Ingredients: strawberries, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, chamomile
10 oz. NET

Regional Farms: It’s what makes our jams the best!
Farm Sourced: Shuler Farm, SC - Passion Organics Farm, FL


Janie Q Provisions is all about small batch seasonal fruit jams and provisions made by Back in the Day Bakery by Cheryl Day. It's not just another product line but a legacy honoring the original Janie Q; Cheryl's Mother.

Janie Q was a strong Black woman with a green thumb and a passion for preserving fruit with botanicals to create full-flavored jams. Cheryl learned from her mother and enhanced that positive spirit in her own way and today she is on her path to make her dreams come true.