Lafayette Avenue Ceramics- juice cup


The Juice Cup features a round, simple design with a tiny thumb indent-perfect for your favorite hot or cold beverage. Each cup is glaze inside and out and left raw on the bottom portion to show of the natural clay.

>>>Will This Cup Get Hot? If the beverage is cool enough to drink, the cup should be cool enough to hold. However, everyone brews coffee and tea at different temperatures and it is important to always use caution when serving and drinking hot beverages.

The Details

Size: 3” diameter, 3” tall, holds about 10-12oz

These cups are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. Be careful, they can get hot! Since items are handmade slight variations in shape, size and glaze coverage/color may occur. It is normal for sizes to vary by 1/4 inch. The images are samples and your exact item may differ slightly.