We Love Jam- Tart Cherry/Apricot


If you love cherries, and especially tart cherries, this is a jam for you. We use Montmorency cherries which are the traditional tart cherry we all grew up eating in cherry pie and ice cream. They are very tart so they are always mixed with sugar. However, we get ours in their raw state (frozen and pitted since we don't have the resources to pit cherries) and mix in just a touch of our apricot jam as a sweetner. This is a low sugar jam. We make this in small batches and there is a surprising amount of cherries in each jar.

The flavor is an intense cherry with a wonderful lingering aftertaste of apricots. Feedback from people who have tasted this is simply ecstatic.

Was featured in Martha Stewart Living magazineMarch 2020.

Shelf life: 1 year.