JCM Handcrafted- Leather trivet

Playing with edges and exploring the spaces in between, our leather trivet is a little unconventional. A bit quirky. Definitely a conversation-starter. Oddly versatile for tabletops of all kinds. A perfect addition to your growing collection of handmade treasures. 
It takes its behind-the-scenes role seriously. After all, it's something that's hidden much of the time. But when it’s not, it’s right there - smack dab in the middle of your gorgeous table arrangement. You’ve put so much thought into every last detail. Wouldn’t it be nice if your trivet belonged there, too?
  • One continuous strip of leather is wrangled into one-of-a-kind shape
  • Made to last with domestically sourced vegetable-tanned leather
  • Adorned with solid brass rivets
  • Built to endure heat, weight, and the occasional game of frisbee
  • Dimensions: 4" x 4.5"
  • Handmade in San Francisco