Clover and Birch Geode Rattle- Walnut

Clover and Birch Geode Rattle- Walnut
  • $18.00
Go ahead, baby...shake it!

Our walnut geode rattle is the perfect gift for any baby (or parent!) who enjoys modern design and natural materials. The faceted shape is interesting to grasp and smooth to the touch, while the rattle creates a soothing, yet intriguing, sound. These elements combine to create a timeless, unique gift.

Each geode rattle is individually crafted from locally sourced walnut. No two are exactly alike! Once cut, we core space for the rattle components and close with a fitted maple peg. Each rattle is sealed with our own coconut and beeswax house blend.

Hand wash with hot water and a mild soap. Do not submerge.

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