AirPop - GoPop Face Covering, Black, 5-pack


This is a set of 5 individually wrapped masks.


GoPop is a form-fitting, highly breathable daily hygiene mask that is a suitable replacement for a cloth face covering. Wear it to prevent droplets and exhaled particles from escaping into your immediate atmosphere.

ANTI-BACTERIAL, BLOCKS POLLEN, DUST AND UV | Designed to filter over 95% of pollen and visible dust particles during everyday outdoor activity. 

WASHABLE AND SKIN FRIENDLY | Can be hand washed every day or week with neutral detergent and water. Keep away from direct sun when drying. Over time surface may fade but does not affect performance. 

PERMEABLE POLYURETHANE MESH | The single layer material, composed of tightly arranged cells, is extremely breathable and exceedingly light.

STRETCH EAR LOOP | Cut from a single piece, the ear loop expands evenly when stretched and provides a gentle but snug fit. 

LONG LASTING WEAR | GoPop can be worn everyday, and with gentle washing, can last 30 days. We recommend rotating GoPops to maximize each masks’s useful life. Depending on usage, GoPop should be replaced if edges begin to fray.