Bravery Mag- Issue 13, Eugenie Clark


Go on an underwater adventure with marine scientist Dr. Eugenie Clark, also known as Shark Lady. This issue teaches kids about Eugenie’s life, the ocean, marine biology, and how to have determination like Eugenie through colorfully illustrated stories and engaging educational activities. 

About Eugenie Clark

Dr. Eugenie Clark’s groundbreaking shark research earned her the nickname Shark Lady. She was known for her deep-sea diving expeditions and marine conservation efforts.

  • Explore cool shark facts & scuba-inspired activities for the whole family
  • Features the work of over 15 talented artists, writers, & photographers, including an illustrated cover by Kathleen Marcotte
  • Encourages kids to have determination
  • Soft-touch matte cover, 64 full-color pages; 8.5’’ x 10.5’’ (portrait)

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We designed Bravery for kids ages 6-12, but really it’s for everyone.