Coffee Manufactory- 02 Filter

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Cupping Notes: Caramel, Bakers Chocolate, Key-Lime Pie, Floral. Medium Roast.

340g / 12oz

50% of our 02 comes from a cooperative/wet mill by the name of Kedamai, located in Oromia region, Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia. Coffee has grown wild in the region for generations and is favored for producing an extremely complex yet clean cup that flaunts notes of lemon and jasmine. The Kedamai wet mill has potential to produce a sizable amount of volume in the next few years. It has a large Penagos (2500) eco-pulping machine, which can process 2,500 kg ripe cherry coffee per hour. Kedamai is situated on a nice sloped hill with the wet mill situated at the top. Processing at Kedamai flows in correlation with the slope of the hill; the wet mill on top trickling down to the drying beds at the base of the hill, which aids in efficiency and reduced stress on the workers.

Hacienda Real is owned and operated by the Guerra Family and was acquired by Don Eugino Guerra in 2010. The Guerra farm sits in the multiplicité of Zacapa, Guatemala just shy of 1400 masl. In recent years this particular region of Guatemala has piqued the interest of coffee buyers all over as it is an ideal geographic location that creates nearly perfect conditions for coffee cultivation.