Leaves and Flowers- Shiso Daydream tea, 1.5 oz. glass jar


peppermint, fennel seed, green shiso, licorice root

flavor notes - fresh, minty, anise
Shiso Daydream was formulated for Shaina Mote, a fashion designer based in Los Angeles, to celebrate the opening of her retail shop. Shaina wanted a blend that was familiar and comforting, but in some way surprising. We thought it the perfect opportunity to utilize a special Japanese herb, Shiso. In this blend we use Green Shiso leaves (vs Red Shiso) that is grown by our friend, Sari, in North Carolina. The flavor of Shiso is somewhat indescribable –somewhere between, cinnamon, mint, anise, cumin. It is an unexpected yet harmonizing flavor that complements and accentuates the freshness of the other ingredients present. We recommend this tea for any time of day, but especially in the afternoon to awaken your imagination. 18-20 servings per 1oz package.