Mountainside Made- Medallion Necklace


Reversible double sided Medallion charm necklace made from an old Spanish coin and cast in sterling silver or gold gilded brass

A gorgeous and detailed gold necklace perfect for any occasion. Cast from original sides of ancient coins, the Medallion Necklace was designed to attract growth, fortune, and opportunity. Coins have a long history of bringing good luck and have become a symbol of prosperity and wealth.  Throwing coins into a wishing well is a tradition that predates recorded history. A silver coin was used under the mast of a ship as it was built, to ensure smooth sailing. Coins have even been placed on the eyes of the dead to ensure safe passage into the afterlife. By carrying this ancient treasure, the Medallion can bring enhanced grace, luck, and success.

The origin of this beautiful original coin treasure can be traced to the infamous 1715 Fleet which was returning from the New World to Spain. The 1715 Fleet was struck by a fierce hurricane off the coast of what is today Vero Beach, Florida and 11 of the 12 ships sank on July 30, 1715. Although Spanish recovery efforts did yield much of the treasure over the ensuing months, it was impossible to recover everything due to the limited technology available. The 1715 Fleet shipwrecks were largely forgotten until some adventurist divers made it a mission to recover the lost treasure some 300 years later - since then, lost treasures from this famous shipwreck are still being found today.

  • gold vermeil or sterling silver

  • 18” chain length

  • a delicate cable chain