ReUp - Reusable Bamboo Floss Container with Floss


Reusable Bamboo Container
Finally, a refillable floss container! This floss container can be reused over and over, refilled with new spools of our corn floss. Our reusable floss containers are made from bamboo, a naturally-grown renewable resource that does not require pesticides. Every bamboo container includes one spool of our vegan corn floss!

Bamboo Storage & Care
Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial but requires a little TLC to make sure it lasts a long time. To reduce cracking, keep the bamboo parts dry and do not soak or submerge them in water. To avoid discoloration and potential mold, keep dry and store in a dry location between usage. Occasionally, sunbathe your bamboo and/or use a natural disinfectant like our alcohol sanitizing spray or tea tree. Bamboo can be oiled to increase its useful life.

Proper Disposal
Once worn out, bamboo can be composted at home or commercially, or buried out in the garden. So...put that bamboo back into the soil, whence it came.

More Info On Our Floss Spools
Our corn floss spools are core-less (less waste!), 50 meters long, vegan, and come in compostable packaging.

Made from organic corn, our floss has a natural mint flavor, is vegan, and contains no petroleum-based plastic. It’s compostable in industrial composting facilities. Most all other flosses contain nylon or polyester, making them unbreakable and petroleum-based. Compostable flosses are a bit different. We have found that our corn floss has a bit of a learning curve to master (to avoid it breaking), but have also found that it performs much better than silk versions of compostable floss. Plus, it’s made with vegan, plant-based candelilla wax.