Utility Objects - Rock Planter, Small


Our planters are always unglazed to ensure good air circulation for your soil, while also preventing excess water being trapped in your plants roots and overwatering.

Small: 4½"W x 4½"H

Drainage hole and drip dish included.

Natural stoneware ceramics, like wood or metal, varies in color and patinas with age. This makes each piece unique.

Utility Objects is a Black and woman-owned brand by Aleisha DuChateau, a talented ceramic artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, who has been creating ceramic homewares under the brand name Utility Objects since 2018.

Her distinctive style combines organic textures and glazes with a contemporary, handmade aesthetic. Each piece she creates is rooted in showcasing the true essence of the raw clay she works with, often characterized by its speckled appearance. Aleisha draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including Japanese wabi-sabi, Scandinavian pottery, and even speckled bird eggs.