We Love Jam- Blackberry Vanilla


This is a very early jam we made before we started as a company. In 2002, we discovered a swath of wild blackberry bushes up in Tilden park in the Berkeley hills and picked about two grocery bags full. Back at home we cooked them up with Mexican vanilla and some walnut pieces. It was an instant hit! When we started this company, we kept the recipe but ground up the walnuts because the machine we use to fill the jars didn't handle the big nut pieces well. However, the ground nuts released a stronger flavor than whole pieces and customers complained it was too "walnutty", so we scaled back the amount we added over the years to the point there were virtually no walnuts in the jam.

In January 2020 we decided to completely remove the tiny bit of ground walnuts. We kept the blackberry walnut labels until we ran out in August 2020, when we renamed the jam to blackberry vanilla and added the new labels. In these eight months no one noticed the difference. If you have been buying this jam from us, we guarentee you will not taste any difference. If you have never tired this jam - you must! It is our biggest seller in stores. We cannot make enough of this!

What has always made this jam so tasty is the special Mexican vanilla we add. Just the right amount pairs perfectly with the ripe blackberries.

The blackberry seeds have not been removed because research has shown seeds to be packed with healthful compounds. So just like quinoa, chia, sesame seeds - blackberry seeds are very good for you!

Shelf life: 2 years.