We Love Jam- Blenheim Apricot


This is the jam that started it all. We made it for the first time in July 2002 using fruit from our backyard tree. For many years this was a summer hobby because friends and family loved it so much. On a lark, we sent a jar to Food & Wine magazine and were surprised when they wrote in the February 2007 issue "Jam is simply the best jam we've ever tasted."

After receiving thousands of emails from people around the world wanting to buy it, we decided to start a jam business with absolutely no prior business or food manufacturing experience (yes we were crazy, but that is another story).

This exquisite organic jam has a ripe, intense apricot flavor with a silky smooth consistency since we never use pectin to firm up our jam or marmalade. There is no other apricot jam like it in the world. We make this every July from fresh fruit picked up directly from Van Dyke Ranch - our only supplier for organic Blenheim apricots and one of the last surviving Blenheim orchards left in the Bay Area.

The Blenheim apricot is on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste - a list of endangered crops or food practices threatened by urban sprawl and lack of interest by large food distributors and markets.

We do not use pectin in our jam, so depending on the natural pectin content of the fruit, each jam has a different consistency. Our apricot jam has a looser consistency than store bought, pectin-laced apricot jam.

9 oz jar apricot jam