We Love Jam- Tart Cherry/Grapefruit


We take tart Montmorency cherries and team them up with a touch of pink grapefruit to create an incredibly delicious jam unlike any you have ever tasted. This jam was included in Food & Wine's Top Ten Objects of our Obsession in 2012.We are the only company that makes this flavor combination, and a special recipe that we came up with concentrates the fruit flavors unlike any other jam. The texture is also very thick and the reduced cherries have the most spectacular consistency. Unfortunately it takes a ton of cherries to make this and a lot of prep work with the fruit. We used to charge $15 a jar for this and probably still should should but we are too nice so it is less now. This is also a very low sugar jam. If you prefer less sweet foods, and love tart then this jam is for you!

Shelf life: 1 year.