WilderBites - WilderHouse Kit (dog chews)


Contents: *6oz dried wt. = 1.5lbs of fresh wt.

  • WilderHouse Structure

- Ground Chicken Neck—Roof x2
- Ground Pork Shoulder—Front/Back x2
- Ground Turkey— Sides x2
  • Decorations
- Ground Rabbit Head—Tree or Gingerbread Man
- Beef Liver
- Wild Rockfish
- Quail Eggs (Garnish)

*The packaging says "Net wt. 4.5oz" but it is 6oz

 My recent trip back home in early November, was the inspiration behind this pack! It's been a while since I was able to go back home near the holidays and it brought back so many childhood memories.

Growing up, I remember all the years we would do gingerbread house decorating with my cousins. It was always fun times, we'd stand around the dining room table getting crafty while eating all our favorite candy decorations! As I reminisced, I imagined all our fellow dog mamas doing this activity with their pups and thought it might be fun to pass this tradition on to you guys! 

Have you ever built a "gingerbread" house with your pup? If so, were they allowed to eat the whole thing!? This WilderHouse is 100% edible! From the structure of the house to the decorations that we included, this WilderHouse Kit was made from 1.5lbs of pure meat in fresh weight! 

As soon as I returned from my trip, we quickly got to work on the making of this kit! I am so happy with how it turned out and glad we were able to make it come to life just in time for all the winter festivities! I am so excited to see all of your creations! We've included a couple of icing "glue" recipes to the tags just as suggestions but feel free to get creative! You do not have stick to using our treats alone, feel free to use whatever you have on hand whether its other treats, fresh, fruits, meats, pupsicles, you name it!