Yield Design Incense- Scarpa

Yield Design Incense- Scarpa
  • $16.00

Scarpa - Deep Notes of Palo Santo, Leather + Vetiver

Inspired by the architect's bold yet harmonious sanctuary near Venice, the Scarpa candle and incense balances healing notes of palo santo and rich leather. The scent blends ancient elements into a modern and striking composition. 

Architect inspired Soy Candles + Incense
The Architect Series candles and incense are inspired by a selection of our favorite 20th century architects. Each candle and incense distills distinct elements of place and environment into a balanced and modern scent. The terrazzo colored flakes melt into a color block that morphs and blends with the candle, creating an interesting patina and process throughout burning. All candles and incense are handmade and packed in our Saint Augustine workshop.



15 Hand-rolled Sticks
Made with essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

Incense- 10.5” H

Burn Time
Incense- 45min-1hr

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