El Oro Madre- Rosewater + Patchouli + Sandalwood Facial Tonic


Uplifting organic blend to balance + restore skin's PH levels. Light, refreshing hydration that is suitable for all skin types 



Made in small batches in Joshua Tree with 100% pure essential oils. Product is gluten-free, vegan, & cruelty free.

El Oro Madre's mission is to protect the wellness of people and the planet go beyond handmade sustainable apothecary. Using only whole, plant-based ingredients that are hand-poured in reusable containers, your skin will feel nurtured + nourished, deepening your connection to our Mother Earth. El Oro Madre shows up for our community by supporting and donating to charities and local causes🌱 

“Small conscious changes are better than none at all. We are all on this planet together and what we do matters.”