Gift Guide - HOMEBODY

02 03 10-free 300+ MGO 3rd Ritual activist Adjourn Afro Blue After the Rain Alex Elle Alexandra Elle amond antibacterial apothecary Appointed aromatherapy bar base coat Basik basil bath Bathing Culture beach beige bikini binder biodegradable biodegradeable Birdie Black Black business Black owned Black owned business blanket blanket wrap blue blueberry body book bowl bra brief brown bud burn cacao calendar candle canister carved Carved Color ceramic chai cherry cinnamon Civil Alchemy Claire Mack Claudia Pearson clay clean cleanser clear cobalt coconut coffee color cone contrast cook cotton couch covered coyote cranberry cream crock cropped cup cylinder dark dash Dear Indigo Deep Blue Sea deep indigo design diffuser dog double gauze dusty East Fourteenth embroidery entertain Espresso Everyday Oil face fall fig fire flower foundation fragrance french blue ginger glass glass bottle glaze gloss grey golde Golden grad grateful gray greens grey hand dyed Hansel from Basel Hanselmann Pottery Happy French Gang Harvest and Mill Hasami Porcelain heirloom hemp high cut holder holiday home home goods honey horizon hot incense indigo jam jar jogger Julia Cone Jung Maven Kendi kid Kinto kitchen lapis latte lemon lemongrass Lena Corwin Lisa Fontaine living logan lorel tee lounge Mack Ceramics made in USA Madera maize manuka marigold Mary Young mask match matte Meadowspring mediterranean milkshake mind and body wash mix mocha moisturizer mother's day mug nail natural natural dye navy non-slip Notebook office oil ojai orange organic organic cotton pajamas palo santo pant panties paper peace pet pillow pink polish poop bags poppy pullover raspberry raw Red Bay Reed refill station refillable renewed ribbed ripple rooted woman rose sacco sage salts Scarf Season Shampoo shape shell shiny shot shower Sisters sisters body skincare slate Slow Burn smoke snack soak soap Sonshine Bath sour speckled spiral spring squiggle sticks stoneware striker sun surfer's sustainable sweater t-shirt table taper tapered tea tee Tellefsen Atelier terracotta The Floral Society throw toast toner top coat Tovah Cook towel toy Trade St. Jam Co tray tumbler turmeric underwear Unitea Unscented utensil vase vegan vildblume vintage walnut washed Waterbody wave wellness white whole bean wild one winter wood workbook wrap yellow