Morningtide Loop



Shop secondhand slow fashion through the Morningtide Loopour curated selection of gently used independent designer brands created to encourage the investment in slow fashion brands, recycling, and sustainability.

PLUS! Every piece of clothing purchased new in our shop could be resold through the Morningtide Loop!

Want to consign with us?
Smaller lines and designers are the main focus of the Morningtide LoopNO FAST FASHION. Examples of brands in the Morningtide Loop include Ace and Jig, Micaela Greg, Black Crane, Ali Golden, Ilana Kohn, Babaa, Erica Tanov, Esby, current trend vintage, as well as all brands carried at Morningtide. NOTE: As of 2023, we will no longer accept shoes, accessories, or kids clothing.

Please email a list of items, photos (phone pics are fine), and suggested prices to Please limit submissions to 5-10 items. Once approved, you will be asked to drop off your items during regular business hours at Morningtide.

We will price the items based on the season of item, condition, and commonality. Typically items are offered for at least 30-50% off the price you paid.


  • Very good to excellent pre-owned condition
  • Style current
  • No stains, holes, or missing buttons
  • Clean, non-fragrant
  • Preferably current with the season

The consignor (you) receives 40% of the sale price and Morningtide receives 60% of the sale price. Please provide your Venmo/Paypal information. Payments will go out by the first of the month.

We consign items for a 3-month period. If the item hasn’t sold after two months, it will be marked down 25% for the final month. Consignors are paid 40% of the selling price of their item(s).
We will hold your items for two weeks as a grace period. After that, items become the property of Morningtide and may be donated or heavily discounted. It is the consignor's responsibility to check in as we will not be contacting you.


Thank you for participating!