El Oro Madre- Rose Sea Salt Bath Soak


Sooth, relax, and replenish with El Oro Madre's Rose Sea Salt Bath Soak made with organic rose and calendula petals.

Made in small batches in Joshua Tree. Product is gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan.

El Oro Madre's mission is to protect the wellness of people and the planet go beyond handmade sustainable apothecary. Using only whole, plant-based ingredients that are hand-poured in reusable containers, your skin will feel nurtured + nourished, deepening your connection to our Mother Earth. El Oro Madre shows up for our community by supporting and donating to charities and local causes🌱 

“Small conscious changes are better than none at all. We are all on this planet together and what we do matters.”

8 oz glass jar