Chili Cheeks - Sunflower Seed Chili Crisp


Do you like tastes? Are you disappointed by what you are about to eat? Chili Cheeks' roasted sunflower seed chili crisp can alleviate your worries. Add to anything to make your meal extraordinary.

Chili crisp is a chili oil condiment made with dried chilis, fried garlic, and spices. It contains crunchy bits from the fried garlic and shallots as well as a nuttiness from the roasted sunflower seeds. It is processed with 100% organic grapeseed oil in a free range cage free environment.

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Organic sunflower seeds, Tianjin red chilis, Garlic, Shallot, Ginger, Cumin, Ancho Chili, Guajillo Chili, Fish sauce, MSG, Red prickly ash 

6 fl oz / 175ML