We Love Jam- Peach Bourbon


We have been trying to make a peach jam for a very long time, but nothing ever seems worthy to sell. Peaches when cooked can be cloyingly sweet. Finally we have a peach jam unlike any other and boy is it delicious.

We use California yellow peaches and cook them in some lemon juice and zest, some cane sugar, a splash of bourbon and a hint of holiday spices. This is a wonderfully complex flavor bomb when you put it in your mouth: peaches, spices, and deep down under it all the bourbon which is added in a tiny amount and enhances the flavors. This is turning out to be a very popular jam so you have to give it a try. The alcohol from the bourbon is cooked out so this is a booze free jam.

Contains no alcohol. It is boiled off completely in the cooking.

Shelf life: 2 years.